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Date of publication: Nov 23, 2012
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Byline / Author: By Dennis Chua

THE 19th Anugerah Industri Muzik was the night of Shila and the Super Js, writes Dennis Chua.

A SWEET singer who "conquered" China, a celebrated Malaysian Idol and an evergreen crooner were the crowd favourites to win big in Anugerah Industri Muzik 19 (AIM 19). And they did just that last Saturday night at Stadium Malawati, Shah Alam.

Asian Wave 2012 winner Shila Amzah bagged Best Pop Song and Best Song for her powerful ballad Patah Seribu, which she also wrote and composed.

Her fellow 8TV reality show alumnus Jaclyn Victor took home the awards for Best Female Vocals and Best English Song for the soulful Counting Days, written and composed by Aubrey Suwito, the man behind the Malaysian Idol's first hit, Gemilang. Counting Days also won Best Musical Arrangement In A Song.

The other Super J of the evening, Jamal Abdillah, proved that old is gold by winning Best Male Vocalist for Bahagia Sementara. The Teluk Intan-born singer also bagged his first Best Hip-Hop Song Aku Maafkan Kamu, a duet with Malique of Too Phat.

It was also an evening to remember for a childhood friend of Shila - Ridzuan "Rizu" Sharifuddin of boy band Forteen.

Forteen won Best Group Vocals for Edry Abdul Halim's composition Seperti Dulu, the theme from KRU's blockbuster film 29 Februari, which starred one of the band's members Izzue Islam Mazlan as a blind man. Another graduate of 8TV's One In A Million earned his first AIM award. Aweera Noriyisham's rock band Mojo bagged Best New Artiste.

Veteran singers Nora and Noraniza Idris proved winners, too. Nora won Best Nasyid Song for Doa composed by Gjie and written by Lukhman S. Her album Hikmah won Best Engineered Album, with Rahmad Ayob as sound engineer.

Noraniza, the only nominee for Best Ethnic Pop Song, won for Kuasa Cinta, a duet with Black written by Ahmad Fedtri Yahya and composed by Edrie Hashim.

Last year's big winner, Yuna, won Best Music Video for Sparkle, produced by Quek Shio Chuan.

Up-and-coming reggae-influenced pop group Salam Musik was the favourite to win Album Of The Year for its self-titled debut album. Falsetto powerhouse Azlan Roslee and his band Azlan And The Typewriter won Best Rock Song, Idola, composed by Audi Mok and written by Dark.

Hip-hop icon Mizz Nina was honoured with the Anugerah Kembara, for her efforts to promote Malaysian music internationally. She also won Best Album Cover for her album Take Over designed by Even Odds.

The Lifetime Achievement Award, the Anugerah Wirama, went to The Alleycats, whose leader Datuk David Arumugam has also proven to be a brilliant actor-comedian.

Indonesia's Nirwarna Band was the favourite to win Best Foreign Artiste Performance for its powerful anthem against oppression, Sudah Cukup Sudah.

Recording Industri Association of Malaysia (the organiser) president Norman Abdul Halim said they had taken measures to ensure there would be no mishaps this year (an accidental awarding of the Best Song to Yuna's Penakut last year), and they had been supported by a credible team of 57 professional jury members, including Datuk M. Nasir, Ajai and Fauzi Marzuki.

Composer and past Wirama winner Adnan Abu Hassan was the chief judge.

In previous years, the jury comprised members of The Malaysian Music Industry Academy.

Norman said: "Jamal proves his brilliance time and again, while Jaclyn is a super singer, likewise Shila, who did us proud in China."

He said judging for the 465 nominations went smoothly.

The 8.30pm show televised live on Astro Ria (Channel 104) was co-hosted by award-winning television personality Aznil Nawawi and award-winning singer-actress Adibah Noor.

The show opened with a beautiful song, Anak Kampung, which was sung by Sabahan singer-songwriter Jimmy Palikat, hip-hop group One Nation Emcees, rock band Khalifah, DJ Fuzz, Adibah and Aznil.

A truly Malaysian song, Anak Kampung combined the best of Sabah's traditional music, modern pop, rock, hip-hop and Adibah's flawless vocals.

Aznil and Adibah were stylishly dressed in the evening theme colours, black and white, and had superb chemistry ribbing each other with their rapid-fire wit.

Every dig was responded to with a hashtag remark, and Aznil's most hilarious remark was one about the Best Foreign Act.

He reminded the foreign acts to be wary of Seniman (National Artistes' Association) president Zed Zaidi who was "looking out for those performing without valid permits".

Adibah and Aznil had great fun bringing audiences' attention to the screen behind them which beamed images of how they would look in 10 and 20 years' time.

"Pretty much the same, I see," Adibah said to Aznil, who replied "ditto".

While Adibah did not have time to sing a full song, she wowed the crowd by singing bits of the nominated songs. Adibah also challenged Aznil to sing, and he did not disappoint.

Several acts of yesteryear made a comeback, and they included funnyman Yassin Yahya who presented the Best Nasyid Song with his namesake Yassin Sulaiman, rock singer Wann who presented the Best Foreign Artiste, and pop singer Nadia Ali and rock singer Yantzen who presented the Best Pop Song and Best Rock Song.

The performing artistes included Datuk Siti Nurhaliza and Hafiz Suip who delivered the beautiful Muara Hati from the television drama Adam Dan Hawa, Hyper Act, Nico, Shades, A To Z, Forteen, GX4, Asmidar, Shila, Jaclyn, Stacy Anam, Nirwarna Band, Salam Musik, Keroz Nazri, Mojo, The Malayan, Stephen Rahman-Hughes, Lefthanded and May.

Jaclyn's mesmerising song Jagalah Diri, Shila's Patah Seribu and Stacy's Pelangi Senja were greeted with the loudest cheers.

The awards presenters included Datuk Fazley Yaakob, Dina Nadzir, Zahid Baharuddin, Datuk Hattan, Heliza Helmi, Nora Danish, Siti Sarah Raisuddin, Tam and The Fabulous Cats.

All performances were backed by an orchestra led by music director Datuk Ramli MS, who recently celebrated his birthday.

The winners

Best New Artiste: Mojo

Best Vocals (Male): Jamal Abdillah (Bahagia Sementara)

Best Vocals (Female): Jaclyn Victor (Counting Days)

Best Vocals (Group): Forteen (Seperti Dulu)

Best Album Cover: Mizz Nina (Take Over)

Best Album Recording: Nora (Hikmah)

Best Music Video: Yuna (Sparkle)

Best Ethnic Pop Song: Kuasa Cinta (Noraniza Idris)

Best Nasyid Song: Doa (Nora)

Best Rock Song: Idola (Azlan And The Typewriter)

Best Pop Song And Best Song: Patah Seribu (Shila Amzah)

Best Hip-Hop Song: Aku Maafkan Kamu (Jamal Abdillah & Malique)

Best English Song: Counting Days (Jaclyn Victor)

Best Song By Foreign Artiste: Sudah Cukup Sudah (Nirwarna Band)

Best Arrangement: Counting Days (Jaclyn Victor)

Best Album: Salam Musik (Salam Musik)

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